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What Are Cold Sores & Aphthous Ulcers?

Canker sores and cold sores are both uncomfortable lesions that can make all manner of oral function uncomfortable and downright painful. And, despite the fact that in most cases, the lesions evolve and begin to resolve over the course of a week or two, the experience is a miserable one.

While canker sores, which are also known as aphthous ulcers, are typically found inside of the mouth or lip, a cold sore or outbreak of the herpes simplex virus is frequently seen to start on the lip and spread to the adjacent tissues. And, though both are unsightly and uncomfortable, the appearance of cold sores is often preceded by symptoms that include localized tingling, a fever, sore throat or swollen glands. With canker sores, a burning or itching sensation inside the mouth occurs is more likely as the lesion develops along with various degrees of localized pain.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment Provides Prompt Relief & Promotes Healing

Although there are several topical and oral medications available to help reduce the pain and limit the development of these lesions, new and advanced treatment with a soft tissue laser provides a remarkably effective, and painless way to nip these lesions in the bud and begin the healing process sooner than later.

At Magnolia Dental we used advanced soft tissue laser technology to gently and precisely reduce the exquisite sensitivity and discomfort associated with these lesions while promoting quicker healing. As an advanced system of care, soft tissue lasers operate by generating focused light energy to gently and precisely shape or remove the targeted soft tissue without affecting any adjacent areas. With soft tissue laser technology, we can treat viral sores or ulcerations to reduce the discomfort associated with these lesions and facilitate quicker healing time. While traditional methods of care are limited to topical or oral medications, treatment with a soft tissue laser destroys the virus and arrests lesion progression through a process known as photo-biostimulation.

When To Contact Our Office For Care

By contacting our office when you feel the tingle of a cold sore coming on or notice the initial signs of a canker sore we can quickly treat the lesion with our soft tissue laser to reduce sensitivity and promote a faster return to wellness. And, best of all soft tissue laser treatment is a fast and affordable method of care that is gentle and does not require anesthesia to provide quick relief and healing!

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